Since 1872 …

the 157th Saint Jacques St. is a well-known address in Paris. Indeed, at this very specific location was one of the old Parisians trading café known as “bougnat”. Warming up homes with wood and coal and bodies with wines and beers, this place was loved by many ! In the 1920s’, Mr. and Mrs. Perraudin turned it into a restaurant, gave their name to it and built its solid reputation of serving delicious food and good wines. They run the place during 64 years, and since owners changed but not the name.

Nowadays …

Le Perraudin is owned by France (previously at the Bistrot chez France). She perpetuates the tradition of a savory homemade traditional French cuisine in a warm, authentic and friendly atmosphere. France and her staff work only with fresh products carefully chosen with the right suppliers.

At le Perraudin, we love food … we loves wines ! Directly sourced from producers, France has selected for you her favorite wines among the best French vineyard has to offer. Therefore, you will find the right wine pairing with your food

Last but not least, at Le Perraudin we are very attentive to offer you a great dining experience at fair prices.

So, give us a call or simply stop by to enjoy the simple, generous and tasty cuisine of Le Perraudin !

Our suppliers …

To assure you the best experience, we choose our products with the biggest care :

  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables : Halles Prestige
  • Fresh fish from Rungis : maison Jocéane
  • Charcuteries : Maison MAS Rouget Cantal, tranchées sur place
  • Meats selected by our butchers : Boucherie Première et Nadaud Delhaye
  • Regional specialities "Label Rouge" : ravioles du Dauphiné, escargots de Bourgogne maison Valentin
  • Coffee : brûlerie artisanale « Les Rois mages »